Financial Plan-HP LIFE (Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs)

June 1, 2014 to June 1, 2014
6:30 PM
2360 W University Dr Boise ID 83725


This Hewlett Packard Learning Initiative For Entrepreneur (HP LIFE) class is now available in Idaho! This international business course is in its second year in the United States, BSU offers the only facility in the Pacific Northwest where students can take these business courses.

This topic introduces the novice entrepreneur to the initial steps necessary for writing up the financial section of a Business Plan. This class is the capstone to the HP-LIFE offerings through Community Ed and while students are not required to have taken the previous classes, it is strongly encouraged.

Students will be introduced to balance sheets, income statements and cash flow analysis and the difference between them. Students will work on a detailed income statement using information from previous classes to determine the financial stability of the sample business.

Speaker(s): Kim Sherman-Labrum, Certified HP LIFE Trainer

Jane DeChambeau, Certified HP LIFE Trainer


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